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The Impact of Digital Transformation on Supply Chain and Society and how to Embrace Rapid Change

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The Covid-19 pandemic created incredible disruption and some areas, such as manufacturing, distribution, and consumer behavior, are still recovering. The challenges that emerged were a catalyst in applying a critical lens to supply chains to understand the intricate, global connections that inform how we meet corporate and customer obligations.

There’s an opportunity to use lessons learned from this global experience to evaluate next-generation technologies and develop supply chains that are more resilient, efficient, and connected.

During this event, stakeholders from several companies will share perspectives on how next-generation supply chain technology will impact our society, our businesses, and our livelihoods.


Co-founder and CEO of o9 solutions

Chakri Gottemukkala

Co-founder and CEO of o9 solutions

Chakri Gottemukkala is the co-founder and CEO of o9 solutions. He is the driving force behind o9’s AI powered planning platform, now serving global clients across a number of retail and manufacturing industry verticals. Based on a strong belief that organizations that plan better don’t just get better financial results, they are better utilisers or the earth’s resources and are happier work environments, Chakri is on a mission to enable drive digital age IBP capabilities at all global companies.
Prior to co-founding o9, Chakri had a 10 year career at i2 Technologies, where he played a variety of roles spanning product strategy, sales & marketing, industry solutions and consulting. Chakri has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras and a Master’s degree from the University of California, Los Angeles.
Former Chief Growth Officer, The Coca-Cola Company

Francisco Crespo

Former Chief Growth Officer, The Coca-Cola Company

Francisco Crespo is a strategic executive and board member with global experience in strategy, marketing, operations, innovation, digital transformation, and M&A delivering accelerated growth. In his tenure at Coca-Cola, Francisco has had a wide impact across the company and its bottling system, managing large Latin American P&Ls. As Chief Growth Officer, Francisco was the architect of Coca-Cola’s “Discipline of Growth,” an action-oriented framework that doubled the company’s growth rate and tripled Coca-Cola Trademark’s growth rate.
Senior Vice President at Samsung SDS

HaeGoo Song

Senior Vice President at Samsung SDS

HaeGoo Song is a proven market leader with over 20 years of industry experience in Asia Pacific and USA, covering the semiconductor, consumer electronics, primary metals and high tech industries. He is highly sought after by CxOs as a trusted advisor for his holistic innovation views on process, system and change management, and is known for his strong reputation as a goal-oriented leader with passion, an out of the box thinker, and a leader with valuable content and customer focus.
Country Manager, o9 Solutions Japan

Takeshi Hagino

Country Manager, o9 Solutions Japan

日本のIT および通信業界で、エンタープライズビジネス立ち上げ、営業、経営において25年の経験を有する。o9入社以前は日本アイ・ビー・エム株式会社、日本アルカテル・ルーセント株式会社、Open Text グループ日本法人代表取締役社長などを歴任。 o9ソリューションズ・ジャパンの日本法人の統括責任者として、企業の更なる発展をサプライチェーン・プランニング、統合ビジネス計画の強化、改革を通して貢献したい。
Senior Director, o9 Solutions Japan

John Otsuki

Senior Director, o9 Solutions Japan

20年以上にわたりアプリケーションベンダー(i2 Technologies、Oracle)にて電機、自動車、半導体など製造業を中心に、様々な企業のSCM改革を実現。2018年よりo9ソリューションズ・ジャパンでプリセールスおよびパートナー部門を担当し、最新技術を提供するとともに、市場のニーズを開発部門等に情報提供する。設計から導入、継続的な価値の提供まで、エンド・ツー・エンドのクライアント・エンゲージメントにも豊富な経験を持つ。
Sales VP, o9 Solutions Japan

Kazuaki Kawura

Sales VP, o9 Solutions Japan

NECにてスパコン営業を担当した後、1995年アスペンテック入社。石油化学メーカ向け工場シミュレータ、生産計画システムの販売を担当。1998年 i2テクノロジーズに入社しハイテク・家電グループマネジャー&グローバルアカウントマネジャーの後、 アスペンテック社日本支社長、マンハッタンアソシエイツジャパンのセールス&マ ーケティングディレクター等を経て2019年o9入社。


25th November 2021
Based on Tokyo Standard Time
Tokyo, Japan (GMT+9)

Welcome to aim10x Japan

Takeshi Hagino will introduce the digital transformation trajectory from its beginning in the Japanese market to the present, as well as its future prospects.

Empowering the transition to digital operating models. Chakri Gottemukkala - CEO of o9 Solutions

As a visionary technology leader, Chakri will discuss how the transition to digital operating models, is critical to serving the ever changing needs of supply chains in the uncertain world.

Keynote1 – A success formula for digital transformation in SCM: Digital Brain Platform + Nexprime SCM

Six practical and innovative digital transformation initiatives will be presented with technical enablers for global supply chain management.

o9 AI Platform’s demonstration

See how advanced technologies enable new ways of planning with a demonstration of leading capabilities that are already available in the market

Q&A - facilitated by John Otsuki

Engage with John Otsuki in a live question and answers session covering

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